Thursday, September 18, 2008


Many years ago I was out at a social event and hooked up dancing with a man I hardly knew but with whom I had been friendly with for a year or so. I was happily dancing away with him, smiling and enjoying myself and so was he (or so it seemed) until he just stopped dancing, looked at me and said "I need some space." "Ok, that's fine with me" I said, and danced away. But it just struck me as the oddest thing. I didn't have a crush on him or even know him well enough to even like him in more than a general sense. I couldn't begin to comprehend why he didn't just finish the song, say thanks and then walk away. I mean, I didn't have plans to partner up with him for the night and I'm a decent dancer and all so it's not like I was stepping all over his toes or anything. I made up this story that he thought I was really into him and that weirded him out so much that he just had to get away from me immediately and that just annoyed me so much because I didn't need the time of day from him. I'd see him around town after that and he was never very friendly again. I always wanted to know what happened for him, if it was something I had said or done, or something he thought I had said or done. But it's always been unresolved for me and occasionally something like the card above, triggers the memory and I'm still curious to know.

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