Friday, September 26, 2008

Don't Waste A Minute Not Loving

This is my baby's birthday week. His birthday is October 3rd but we will be at an Enlightenment Intensive on that day and we won't be talking with one another or even sleeping together for 3 nights, starting with his actual birthday night.

So, we started celebrating tonight by having dinner at Donna's cooked and served by her new friend, (and now our new friend) Jim, a couch surfer from Ireland. What a nice guy, and the fresh salsa we watched him whip up for our appetizers was the best I've ever eaten in my life. The meal was great, the wine liberating, the conversation easy. Michael, our Yankee Irish friend (as he calls himself) and Jim, entertained us with nursing home stories and I learned about corkscrew windups, Irish travellers, and all sorts of other interesting tidbits of a culture I'm related to by blood.

It was a lovely evening from which we have retired fairly early in order to get an early start to San Francisco in the morning. I am so looking forward to this weekend and I even bought myself a really fancy leather belt today to wear to the Folsom Street Faire.

I think I'll plan another little birthday dinner for Jerry on Monday night as that's the only night next week I don't have clients already scheduled in. I give thanks for having such an incredibly wonderful husband who offers me so much love attention. He's so good to me and I'm really looking forward to spending the weekend with him in the city of my birth, celebrating his birth.

Our good friend D. is having open heart surgery early tomorrow morning. We love you D. Hang in there brother and make it through this okay? We need you to stay around healthy and strong for another 30 something years or so. No more scaring us like that please.

Life is short. Seize the day! Don't waste a minute not loving.

Well then. Okay.

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