Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Falling Into Myself

Last night as I was walking home after seeing clients, raindrops were falling on my head. Jerry had a lovely late dinner waiting for me along with a glass of wine and afterwards we watched a movie with Uma Thurman who I like a lot.

I love the fall season and the equinox is just around the corner. This is such a powerful time for my soul. Nature seems so subtle and undemanding. The weather is perfect with warm to hot days that aren't too hot and cool to cold nights that aren't too cold.

And I love the dying things. It seems so organic, a natural unfolding of life. A releasing and letting go of what isn't needed anymore and yet the fields are full of bounty to store for sustenance in the winter ahead. I breathe easier and deeper in the fall, opening and falling into myself.

I want to hike a mountain and swim in it's lake, inundated with God and loving uninhibitedly.

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