Monday, September 29, 2008

Astrology for the Week

This information is from Eric Francis at his Planet Waves Astrogolical News.

HAPPY LIBRA NEW MOON--some truly unusual astrology is approaching. We are now entering a watershed moment of Pluto changing signs, and a major outer planet aspect (Saturn opposite Uranus) on Election Day in the United States. Mercury is retrograde from Sept. 24 through the first half of October. The retrograde began two days after the Libra equinox and ends just as the Moon reaches the full phase in Aries. The Oct. 14 Full Moon is a dramatic event, coming at the peak of the national political campaigns. At the exact moment of the Sun-Moon opposition, Luna is conjunct Eris in Aries and the Sun is conjunct Eros. The last Full Moon (in Pisces, on Sept. 15) was also conjunct a major planet -- Uranus, and we had quite a surprise that day: the buyout of Wall Street by the federal government. The emphasis of this retrograde phase, being in Libra, is on relationships, but there is an energy of chaos and unpredictabil ity in the air -- and beyond that, a sense of improvement that is based on deadlocked or otherwise stuck situations coming free. An extremely rare aspect is now developing, which is the opposition of Saturn and Uranus. This is an era-defining aspect. When Saturn opposes a traditional outer planet (Uranus, Neptune or Pluto) we get big changes. When Saturn opposed Pluto in 2001, we had Sept. 11 and the consolidation of executive power by the currently ruling political party. When Saturn opposed Neptune in 2005, we had the big hurricanes that flooded New Orleans and Texas. For the first time in nearly four decades, Saturn is opposite Uranus for the first of five times (a series) in two years on Election Day 2008 -- and we need to take this as a message, an omen and most of all as an opportunity. It represents the choice between two distinct viewpoints -- pluralism and fundamentalism; freedom and oppression. This is not just a choice in an election; it is not just a symbol or a philosophical game; it is very much a personal choice.

First for my husband because it's his birthday week:

Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 23)Getting to know ourselves seems to be one of the most profound experiences in life, one of the most challenging and the most satisfying. Yet how many people have a conscious relationship with themselves? I think that more often we relate to ourselves vicariously through others. You have the chance to do both in the coming weeks, and a moment when you figure out the difference. For a while, it's confusing as usual, then there is a moment of clarity. Your inner feedback is suddenly more meaningful than what comes at you from outside. Your idea of what your life is about is more accurately reflected in your feelings than in the feelings of others. Your interior space is less chaotic and feels more dependable than any space around you. This is a bigger shift in awareness than you may imagine. You are so dependably a relational person, that is, someone whose primary orientation within existence is relating with and exchanging with others. Usually, their sense of individuality powers over your own. Though it's only been a matter of time, it has been a long time coming for you to feel some sense of stability in your self-awareness. You may not be there yet, but by the Full Moon mid-month you will have a very helpful clue.

And now me because I can. Click on the link to read your sign if your not a libra or a cancer.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)You're headed into bold and unfamiliar relationship territory. This likely involves one particular relationship, but also your encounter with that entity known as 'everyone'. In some way, one person is poised to become a contact point with the rest of the world. Listen to anyone who speaks to you like they're an ambassador or translator. If you're feeling the unfamiliarity of your environment, like you're in a place with unusual and unfamiliar customs, or like you don't quite fit in but are being accepted anyway, you are in the right place. Pay attention to the deeper story, meanwhile: it is about you negotiating with yourself about having permission to feel secure in your feelings, on the planet and in your environment. You may feel like you're swimming in emotional uncertainty or confusion, but it's what you might call fertile chaos. If you want to move from the chaos factor to the creative fertility factor, go deeper; all the turbulence is on the surface. Take a chance you would not normally take. You may not, at this point, feel you have so much to gain. Determine how little you have to lose, and then decide what you're willing to try. That chance will appear as an opportunity in the realm of emotional or erotic bonding, joined by an unusual chance to express your ideas and your talent. These will take you far beyond yourself.

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