Sunday, October 3, 2010

Daniel Lanois - The Unbreakable Chain

I was listening to this while I worked out in the gym yesterday.  It always pierces me on such an incredibly deep level.  My prayer is to someday break the unbreakable chain.  But prayers don't break the unbreakable chain.  Tears don't break the unbreakable chain. Maybe grace will.

Missing Mama

My mama asked me where her mama was.
I wanted to avoid her question so my phone rang.
I told her I was saved by the bell.
But when I was done she remembered and asked me again.
So I told her that her mama, my grandma, had died many years ago.
My mama got very sad and she cried, tears running down her face.
But I didn't wipe them away and neither did she.
We just sat there together and let them flow, her missing her mama
and me knowing how much I was going to miss mine.
She told me it was good that I told her, because now she knows where her mama is.

Our Visit

I took off my shoes and crawled into your bed fully clothed,
cuddling up close while you slept.
You'd left your door open for me,
knowing I'd arrive as you slumbered.
Late to bed as you often are,
you didn't stir until I curled up next to you, my arm around your belly.
Rousing from dreams you asked if I needed coffee.
I said I needed more sleep and that your bed was comfortable.

We dozed together in the early morning light of your room.
My hand found your cock and I stroked it.  We flirted a little.
The energy rising in my belly, I wanted to feel you inside of me, 
but we made love only after you dressed.
You made me coffee and we walked, and talked,
and you showed me pictures of great places in Turkey and Italy
and we marveled together at the ruins of grand architecture.

And you read to me about enlightenment from your current favorite book.
Two friends enjoying one another's company, we blathered about love
and fear, relationships and sex, freedom and wanting others to think well of us.
Time flew and I had leave earlier than I wanted, earlier than you wanted,
but it was good.  Both the coffee and your love.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Two Lovers

Basking in the afterglow of last night.
I need to make love with you like that.
And afterward, coming home to him.
Waiting for me, knowing where I've been.
Wanting what he always wants from me.
But particularly after I've been with you.
He greets me softly, asserting his need.
Hoping I've the energy to receive him.
I open to a sweetness that bonds us three.