Sunday, October 3, 2010

Missing Mama

My mama asked me where her mama was.
I wanted to avoid her question so my phone rang.
I told her I was saved by the bell.
But when I was done she remembered and asked me again.
So I told her that her mama, my grandma, had died many years ago.
My mama got very sad and she cried, tears running down her face.
But I didn't wipe them away and neither did she.
We just sat there together and let them flow, her missing her mama
and me knowing how much I was going to miss mine.
She told me it was good that I told her, because now she knows where her mama is.


SisterJulia said...


Your posts of the last couple of days are so full of the tenderness and richness of life. Thank you:)

I AM ANOTHER said...

Lots of tenderness and oh so rich. And a little bitter sweetness. Thank you SisterJulia.