Monday, September 29, 2008

Whirlwind 36 Hours in the City

We had a wonderful weekend. The Frida Kahlo exhibit was exceptional and I'm so glad that we chose to do the audio tour. Thanks Pema for insisting that we must. All the extra information really helped me to appreciate her art even more than I already did. What a life! What a tumultuous, deep and abiding love affair she had with Diego Rivera. That woman endured so much pain, both physically and emotionally and boy oh boy did she channel it. Talk about using God's gifts to the fullest. I was 7 days old when she died. Makes me feel somehow more connected to her. One of the funniest things we listened to on the audio tour was labeled monogamy, and it told the story of how Diego, from the beginning of their relationship never committed to be monogamous with Frida. In fact, he told her than a doctor told him that he was physically incapable of being monogamous.

Dinner at Caffe Macaroni was a real treat, the Pinot Noir was so smooth that I wish I knew what label I was drinking. The bread arrived at our table with about 1/2 cup of chopped garlic with some herbs and a little oil mixed in. Whoa. It sure was tasty though. We ordered two different salads that were both delicious. Mine had arugula, spinach, fennel, apple and pomegranate seeds and Jerry's had watercress, sweet red onions and strawberries. We both enjoyed our pastas and even shared a dessert, one of those Italian cheese cakes made from ricotta cheese. The chef/owner Mario sent us over some complementary Limoncello and then came out and introduced himself and we chatted for awhile.

After our meal we drove to the SFCitadel, San Francisco's premier and official dungeon for the Folsem St. Faire. We wanted to find the exact location before heading over there later in the night and thought it might be close enough to walk from our hotel but it wasn't. I had given up the idea of doing both Aunt Charlie's and the Citadel scene but now I wish I hadn't. We ended up going back to our room and making our own party which made us feel very relaxed and satisfied so when it was time to dress and head out, we opted to stay in, a choice that always seems sensible in the moment but which I regret later. I suspect the timing would have been perfect to head over to Aunt Charlie's, catch the show there and then to have headed over to the Citadel, arriving right when things were getting all hot and bothered. One of the reasons I wanted to make the dungeon scene that night in particular was that all the kinkiest of people were visiting the city for the weekend including Mistress Matisse and her entourage. I've been wanting to meet her, at least see her in person, and I thought this might be the perfect opportunity. Oh well, it wasn't to be. Instead, we stayed in our room and were entertained by another great skit of Tina Fey impersonating Sarah Palin On SNL. This one was even better than the first.

We slept in Sunday morning and then headed over to The Greens for brunch. I had another lovely salad made from mixed greens, gorgonzolo, and figs along with my meal and Jerry had what he enjoys the most for breakfast--pancakes. Here are a few pictures from our table. Sorry R. (she hates and is disgusted by pictures of food--even ones that offer artistic style, color and beauty such as these). We enjoyed looking out at the boats docks docked on the bay while we eat our meal and then I bought the Field of Greens cookbook before we left. I keep threatening to start cooking again.

Then we headed over to the Folsom Street Faire which was as outrageous and lovely as usual with all the leathered and kinky folks flying their freak flags. Shortly after arriving we happenstanced upon a bondage scene from that was other wordily. I took over 100 awesome photos and can't wait to watch a slide show of it. My oh my.

Jerry, trooper that he is, drove us all the way home, stopping by the natural food when we hit Chico to pick up some ingrediants so I could make us dinner dinner--saffron jasmine rice with a spinach, fennel, apple and raspberry salad. Yummy. Then we relaxed on the couch and watched the HBO vampire series True Blood and the Showtime series of a serial killer serial killer, Dexter.

For your viewing pleasure--from the faire. I'll post some more too.

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