Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Drop Jaw

Last night I had meetings with both my women's financial group and Juicy Women. We have a little nest egg built up in the financial group but we couldn't decide if now was the right time to purchase stock, or exactly which stock would be wise to invest in. We are following one company very closely. The juicy women were very juicy. Yummy.

Molly's book has some delays in the publishing right now and she is appreciating how her anger inflames her libido. She is angry at her husband though so her thoughts of sex are not directed towards him. She is enjoying more and more polyamorous thoughts and they talk about it as an option but I doubt that they are anywhere near close to actually taking real steps in that direction.

Lena has moved in with her boyfriend who cooks for her and takes care of all the manly man and fix it up stuff in her life. During our meeting he was preparing her evening meal with plans for a love making session after.

Pema is busy writing up a plan for a solar and wind power business she wants to start and enjoying her returning libido. Her breasts are so tender that she actually took a pregnancy test although even though she bleeds, she doesn't think she ovulates any longer.

Ana is continuing her tantric adventures and has found a new teacher she is excited to be working with.

Rosemary has various issues up in her life including an adult son and his escapades with mental illness. She struggles to help him while protecting herself. She continues her various adventures into polyamory along with her husband and seems pretty happy and settled along with a bit of excitement related to the prospect of taking on a new lover.

And what can I say about Randi? I met her new foreign lover last night. They are really enjoying each other's bodies and fucking like crazy, very in-love. She is still in the midst of sharing her sexual history and all I can really say about her life experiences is wow. Fucking wow! This woman's stories make my jaw drop. I mean drop. What she has been through in her life is just incredible. She is only up to the age of 22 right now and I'm just blown away on so many levels listening to her. She needs to write a book.

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