Thursday, September 4, 2008

Burningman 2008

We drove into Burningman on Monday, August 25th during a white out. They ended up closing the gate shortly after we made it through and some of those folks behind us had a 5 hour wait until the they were allowed entrance into Black Rock City. It was a tough landing. Thanks to our friend D. who had arrived early, we already had a wonderful campsite partially set up for us and we were able to drive our motor home right up into our prearranged spot. I was glad I was not a virgin first timer as the welcome home this time around was rather harsh and I might have wanted to turn around and go home. Our motor home which Jerry calls Old Smokey and I call Burning Love was mana from heaven. I never made one trip to a porta potty during my seven days on the playa and that was pure joy, especially because my body loves to bleed during Burningman. During my first two years at Burningman, I started my period on Sunday, the day before the official opening of the city. I was bleeding heavy which entailed many trips to the porta potties with my intricate ritual of juggling the hand sanitizer, one ply toilet paper, handi wipes (not to be dropped in the porta potties but returned to the burnable trash at camp), light, if it was dark out to see what I was stepping on, all the while keeping one hand clean to carry out my sanitary business. It was quite the balancing act ordeal. This time, I bled two weeks before Burningman and was thrilled to not have to deal with all of that. Well as I mentioned my body loves to bleed at Burningman and I started another cycle the day after we arrived! But this time around all I had to do was step into my own clean, well lit, with running water, private potty room. There is a Goddess and I am She.

The dust storm finally ended, the city reopened, we set up camp and walked out to the man and then into center camp to check out the sights before returning to our little home on wheels and a lovely clean and comfortable bed.

1. The Man on Tuesday.
2. I am determined to get my tramp stamp this year which will be a burning sacred heart with wings, a vision I experienced at the Valentine's Day Love Intensive last year. These wings felt lovely to attach myself to.
3. Buddha at Hotel Galactica.
4. The Man lit up at night.
5. and 6. A couple of pics from the smorgasbord of schlongs.
7. My sweetie bedecked in his handcrafted recycled jewelery.
8. Basura Sagrada Temple of Trash Alchemy and Sacred Space. Oh my god. This temple, made out of all recycled material was both a political and spiritual act. I was overwhelmed by the sacred power of this space. It was lovely beyond words. Peaceful and awe inspiring. By far my most powerful temple experience from 3 years on the playa.
9. Temple hummingbird that reminded me of the one woman I fell head over heels in love with. I still feel cheated of the opportunity to ravish her body with the powerful sexual loving energy I experienced for her.
10. Temple chime.
11. and 12. Temple Wisdom. Love and time. Isn't that the truth.
13. More winged heart reminder to get that tattoo.
14. Leaving the Temple of Trash at Sunset to go home and prepare dinner for our Peace Camp mates.
15. 16. and 17. War crimes and the human condition we are all a part of.
18. There is only love.
19. Me on burn night.
20. The Burningman
21. 22. 23. and 24. My temple offering. I've been carrying around some major pain and suffering. I wrote it all out with the intention of releasing my attachment with a prayer for love and truth. I stuck an American Spirit Cigarette (Remember this year's Burningman theme The American Dream) inside and rolled it up tight, tied with with a red ribbon and smeared it with Sensual Beauty Amber Rose essential oil. On burn night I tucked my temple offering in my bra under my right breast and over my heart where it stayed while we partook in the burning of the man. Afterwards Jerry and I sojourned to to the temple where I tied my offering to a beautiful heart altar inside the temple.
25. Me and my baby soaking in the temple vibes after the burning of the man.

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Gillette said...

Great pics...and your ritual of love sounds wonderful. So happy you two enjoyed yourselves!