Friday, September 26, 2008

Frida, Chihuly and Macaroni

Donna has invited us over for dinner tonight to meet her new friend from Ireland who is a vegetarian chef. Then we are up early Saturday morning to head to San Francisco. Here are our plans for what we will be up to in the big city this weekend. Can we really do ALL of this?

This will be our very first stop. I'll search the unique little shops along Haight St. while Jerry peruses the aisles of Amoeba Records for cheap obscure music.

Saturday afternoon we have tickets for the Frida Kahlo exhibit at the SFMOMA.

I want to have dinner in North Beach at Caffe Macaroni on Saturday night. Our friend D. told us about this place and he will be there Friday night. Sorry to miss him.

I'm really hoping to check out Aunt Charlies on Saturday night. Don't let the website fool you, the place is really a dive but that's what gives it its charm I suppose. We may not make it there as we are also thinking to check out the SFCitidel and trying to do both may be a bit much.

I think we'll do Sunday brunch at The Greens.

And then a little later on Sunday we'll join the celebration at the Folsom Street Faire

Dale Chihuly who has supposedly greatly influenced contemporary art along with revolutionizing the studio art glass movement, is currently all the rage and talk of the town amongst artists in San Francisco, Marin, and even Chico (if I knew enough about the art world I might even be able to say worldwide) is currently showing at the de Young. We would be totally uncool to miss out on his exhibit but when pray tell can we fit this into our schedule? I suppose between Sunday brunch and the Folsom Street Faire.

Sunday night I'll be a tired puppy and so ready to kick back on the couch and exchange foot rubs with Jerry while we watch the season premier of Dexter.

Just a little more. I was reading Mistress Matisse today who will also be playing around in San Francisco this weekend and she mentioned that she has another photo shoot with Craig Morey and she linked to his website. He took the photos of her that she is currently using on her blog. Anyway I went to his site and wow, lots of beautiful naked women which I really enjoyed looking at. Go there and click around if that sort of photographic viewing pleases you. Lovely.

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