Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

I am so happy today. I slept in this morning after a very nice evening/night of connecting with both my sweeties. I am one lucky girl. Then I got up and made myself some coffee which I drank while I sewed my Halloween Costume for tonight's party. When I finished with that it was time to meet my friend Susan for lunch and while we eat and chatted it up, I helped her set up a blog. Susan is an incredible writer (I have several posts here under the label Susan that I was inspired to write in the midst of reading her last book, Foolsgold) and we had a great time doing that together today. I've put her in my favorites and I'm looking forward to a daily check in with her to see what creative project she is up to. It's always something. She is an incredibly inspirational woman to be sure.

Happy Halloween Everyone, and Happy 50th Birthday Sharon! I'm so excited to go out dancing and partying with all my friends. Chico is such an awesome community!

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