Thursday, October 23, 2008

No Mo Pain

Okay, that was not fun.

I've been having tooth pain, for over 3 weeks now. It's been quite awful and my dentist has been totally booked. His office finally called me a few days ago, getting me in for an emergency check up with another dentist who had a cancellation. She spotted the problem immediately. My tooth had a deep crack in it. She promised to do whatever she could to save the tooth but said it looked like it might be cracked to the root so I shouldn't get my hopes up. They set me an appointment to come back in today.

Dammit! Indeed, the tooth was cracked deep into the root and needed to be extracted. She numbed me up and went for it. Only problem was that it hurt like hell. She numbed me some more and it still hurt. She kept giving me more and more injections that didn't work. For 1 1/2 hours she pushed and pulled on that tooth. I had tears running down my face, I was moaning, and I kept inadvertently squirming farther and farther down into my seat. I knew the tooth needed to come out though so I kept my mouth open and never once asked her to stop. The pain was excruciating and my bottom lip was trembling. She kept stopping and asking me if I was alright. "Yes." Does this hurt? "No." Does that hurt? "Yes." Do you want me to stop? "No." She worked on and on but finally couldn't take it anymore and left the room. She came back with my regular dentist who gave me a few more shots. All of a sudden the continuous throbbing I'd been feeling, even when she wasn't yanking on my tooth went away. She went back to work and there was no more pain. Finally, she had the tooth completly extracted 5 minutes later. She apologized and said it was the worst extraction she'd ever been through. I apologized too and we laughed. It was quite the bonding for the two of us although I suspect she'd be happy to never see me again. Overall, I'm just pissed that I've lost a tooth.

I can feel the numbness wearing off as I write this and I think I better go take some ibuprofen...Oh no, it's starting to really throb now and I don't think the 6 ibuprofen are going to do the job...

Well then, that was fancy. I'll spare you the gory details between then and now but it's a couple of hours later now I'm flying high on vicodin. No mo pain.

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Greenwoman said...

Wow...I'm so sorry this tooth pain has gone on so long. Here's hoping that when you are all healed up, things will be all well.

I've really been enjoying the poetry. So beautiful. *smiles*