Thursday, October 2, 2008

A True Dimwit

From The Almond page 81:

It had been a few months since a dike had cracked inside my head, and my
anger was rising like a tidal wave. I held it against Imchouk that it had
connected my genitals with evil, had forbidden me to run, to climb trees, or to
sit with my legs spread. I held it against those mothers who watch the
girls, check their gait, palpate their lower abdomen, and eavesdrop on the
sound they make when they take a piss to be sure their hymen is intact. I
held it against my mother that she had all but armored my genitals and had
married me off to Hmed. I held it against ravens, toads, and dogs that they
were carrion eaters. I held it against myself that I had left school for a
husband and had said nothing when Neggafa put her finger in my cunt, just to
check that I was a true dimwit who accepted dying too soon.

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