Monday, October 6, 2008

No Time To Hate

I forgive you lover.


Greenwoman said...

Bless you dear lady...I am sure that saying this in your heart, brings it peace. ((hugs))I am very happy for you in that.

Adrienne Parker said...

I've always though it arrogant to forgive,because ultimately I've pretty much gone with the premise that no one has done me wrong. I've not very comfortable identifying with the victim mode. And yet, with the knowledge and understanding that I currently possess regarding this particular relationship, I have been feeling "wronged" so to speak. Like, "how can someone who professes to love me, behave in such a manner?" So even though part of me has continued holding the love and friendship in a sacred spot in my heart and realizing that there is more to the story than what I understand of it, this other part of me has been very angry and hurt, experiencing an incredible amount of sadness related to another's seemingly very bad behavior. And it is this part of me that has been filled with the compassion of forgiveness and yes, it is very peaceful. I like feeling good and at this point in time, in this particular relationship, I'm experiencing forgiveness as a very good thing.