Tuesday, October 21, 2008


My friend S. is celebrating her 50th birthday on Halloween and she wants everyone to come as witches (or better yet click here for wicca)--if that suits our creative self-expressive fancy. Jerry had figured out his persona and costume--Jon Ben Jova (think New Jersey, Jersey City accent), inspired by Jon Bon Jovi of course so after dinner we went to the Halloween store to pick him up a wig. When we got home he modeled his costume for me and oh Lordy, I'll bend over for you any day baby. I'll definitely post some Halloween pictures. It's going to be quite the party, not one to miss this year. One of Chico's old time favorite bands, Road Raison will be playing.

In the process of picking out his wig I found the inspiration for my own witch persona and costume. It was a black vinyl witch's hat in full BDSM fashion, silver chains and all. Looking at the hat, which I ended up purchasing, it came to me--I'm going as a switch. Makes total sense since I actually have very switchy tendencies, enjoying both sides of dominance/submission sexual play depending on my mood. I also found some cool black fishnet thigh highs with vinyl lacing at the top. And I already have both a cat o' nine tails and a leash and collar.

Halloween, Samhain, and Day of the Dead, as with Burningman has always been a time for me to dress up and enter into the role of one of my alternate or shadow personalities. My theory and a big part of my spiritual practice is to bring my shadow self into the light. Our shadows offer us a significant piece of the truth of self that must be allowed and integrated into our out front personality--the part of us that we prefer to present to others most of the time. Mindfulness of the shadow is an important part of emotional maturity, mental equilibrium and spiritual growth.


Anonymous said...

I like the first image.


Adrienne Parker said...

Yes, me too K. It reminds me of one of my favorite positions. ;)