Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Freedom and Commitment in the Same Bed?

I recently discoverd LiYana's blog and website so I signed up to receive her Redefining Monogamy blog updates and announcments on what's happening in her world. Today she sent be some information on her up and coming teleseminars and here's a bit of what she has to say:

Freedom and commitment in the same bed?
Monday night I was interviewed on a New York cable TV show, answering
questions about sexual freedom, true partnership and commitment, multiple
relationships, and how to manage jealousy with artfulness and
heartfulness. Afterward, one of the audience members, a divorce lawyer,
remarked how he appreciated my answers, but in the "real world" things didn't
work like that. He's right, of course. In the "real world," people
continue to suffer greatly around relationships, continue to cheat and lie,
continue to be isolated, and continue to get divorced.If you are tired of trying
to live and love in THAT "real world," we have designed these tele-classes full
of the skills,information, resources and support so you can make YOUR world into
the world of love, sex and intimacy you want most.

She is offering a series of teleseminars titled:
Polyamory 101
Starting a Polyamorous Relationship
Opening Up Your Current Relationship

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