Friday, October 17, 2008

Nasty, Sushi, and Birthdays

More dog walking today and then spent a lot of the afternoon waiting at a clinic for D. to get checked out by the doctor and renew his supply of fresh meds. Tonight we went out for sushi and sake and soon R. and I are going to dig into a very nasty game of cards.

I'm heading home tomorrow morning. It's been a short, but very sweet visit. And it will be so good to see my sweetie, actually, my sweeties, when I get back. I'm one lucky girl. I also have a nice little party to go to tomorrow night.

Today is my friend Donna's birthday. She and my other friend T., are having a birthday dinner celebration tonight which I'm missing. Happy Birthday Donna and T! Also, my youngest daughter turns 28 tomorrow. Happy Birthday sweetheart. My eldest will be 37 years old this year and my youngest 22. Wow!

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