Thursday, October 2, 2008

I Am The One

Last night, as I waited for a date I meandered into the bookstore and found a book called The Almond, by Nedjma. It's about the sexual awakening of a Muslim woman. The book starts thus, with a quote from Cheikh O.M. Nefazoui from The Perfumed Garden:
Praise be to God who created the penis straight as a lance so it may wage war
inside the vagina....Praise be to Him who bestowed upon us the gift of nibbling
and sucking lips, of placing thigh against thigh, and of laying our scrotum down
at the threshold of the door of Compassion.

The author responds:
...I don't give a damn that Black women have delectablre cunts and offer
total obedience; that Babylonian women are the most desireable and women from
Damascus the most tender to men; that Arab and Persian women are the most
fertile and faithful; that Nubian women have the roundest buttocks, the softest
skin, and passion that burns like a tongue of fire; that Turkish women have the
coldest wombs, the most cantankerous temperament, the most rancorous heart, and
the most radiant acumen; and that Egyptian women are soft-spoken, offer
kind-hearted friendship, and are fickle in their constancy...

For I, Badra, proclaim to be certain of one thing only:

I am the one with the most beautiful cunt on earth, the best
designed, the best developed, the deepest, warmest, wettest, noisiest, most
fragrant and singing, the one most fond of cocks when they rise up like

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