Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sweet Lovin

My weekend.

Sweet lovin with K.

Sweet lovin with J.

My brother and sister-in-law came to town and we took my mommy out to lunch and then walked around downtown. She is slipping fast. Plus it was quite the chore, getting her in and out of the car and into her wheel chair. I don't know if I'll be able to pull it off again.

My mouth, where my tooth was pulled has been hurting all weekend and I've been popping Vicodin and ibuprofen to keep the pain at bay. Today I figured I probably have an infection so now I'm taking some massive doses of golden seal to combat that.

Last night Jerry, P., and I went to a party with about a dozen of our friends. We had a really good time and of course everyone was into talking politics at dinner. The three of us left early to go see dub-ya, (W.) a biographical film based on George W. Bush produced by Oliver Stone.

Cast of Characters:

Josh Brolin as George W. Bush
Eliazabeth Banks as Laura Bush
Thandie Newton as Condoleezza Rice
Jame Cromwell as George H.W. Bush
Richard Dreyfuss as Dick Cheney
Scott Glenn as Donal Rumfeld
Ellen Burstyn as Barbara Bush
Jeffrey Wright as Colin Powell
Toby Jones as Karl Rove
So on and so forth.

What a bunch. It was an odd and interesting film. I appreciated that it didn't totally demonize Bush and his clan but rather left me with the thought, "How in the hell did this happen to American?" And, "Oh my God, we (citizens of the United States) along with the world at large, definitely can't take another 4 years of this dangerous ridiculousness. It is just so amazing to me that Bush was elected president. Well, many would say he wasn't elected but rather the election was stolen. The American Dream has become The American Nightmare and we need to wake up from this narcoleptic spell we've been under folks.

People, please vote for Obama for President on November 4th. Please vote No on Proposition 8 (California--it eliminates the rights of same sex couples to marry). Let's stop the hate. McCain/Palin come from the same stock as the people who are in office now. Well, Sarah Palin seems to be something altogether different but she sort of scares me even more.

Anyway, the way the actors portrayed Bush and his cronies was for me, like watching exaggerated caricatures of space aliens. Condoleezza Rice was a freaky sycophant who gave me the creeps. Well, most of them could certainly win creepy and gross prizes. Happy Halloween you bunch of freaks.

I spent most of the day cleaning out my pantry except for a lovely long walk in the park in the afternoon with my sweetie. I'm just loving this Indian Summer weather. Fall is my very most favorite time of year.

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