Tuesday, October 21, 2008

An Unequivocal Yes

Mistress Mastisse is visiting her mom in Atlanta, Georgia and they have been incessantly discussing the election. It's amazing don't you think, that a kinky, wild woman, sexual outlaw, professional dominatrix and her "deeply-Catholic southern mother" are both voting for the same candidate?
"The visit with my Mom is going fine. Guess what? She is just as obsessed as I
am with the election. Must be something genetic, huh? We're talking about it
incessantly, and we pretty much agree on everything. My sweet little
Southern-lady, deeply-Catholic mother absolutely foams at the mouth when she
talks about Bush and Cheney. She loathes them. And like me, she's also
disappointed in McCain and enraged by Palin. She's already cast her vote for Obama."

I watched this on television last night and figured I might be able to find it on You Tube. Success-- I've posted it below. It's an interview with the Dianne M. Keller, current mayor of Wasilla, Alaska. The interviewer asks her, "Do you think being a small town mayor prepares you to be vice president of the United States?" She answers, "An unequivocal yes!" Politely dumbfounded he asks her to explain, "How?" She then proceeds to mimic Sarah Palin's utter ignorance. This seems funny and makes us laugh-- because otherwise we would cry. I'm frankly embarrassed for these poor people, Sarah Palin included.

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