Friday, June 20, 2008


Subrogation: put into the place of another; substitute for another.
2.Civil Law. to substitute (one person) for another with reference to a claim or right.
I'm a bit annoyed right now but I'm in the process of letting it go and just enjoying the beautiful day.

I've been on the phone with insurance companies, the car collision place, and the doctor's office already this morning. No one has accepted liability for my car to get fixed yet, or for the accident in general. Of course, my insurance company will eventually pay for it (if in fact it can be fixed.) If the car is totaled than that's another ball of wax. But if it can be fixed then I have to pay the 500. deductible and then my insurance company will start the process of subrogation. Subrogation is where they do what they do to get their and my out of pocket expenses back from the other insurance company. They will only go after what my plan covers though so they will not be concerning themselves with my medical, car rental, or anything else. I'm not sure how I ended up with a policy with no medical or car rental on there but they are telling me that's the case. I've yet to go to my files and actually read my policy. I will soon enough.

In the mean time my arm is healing and it looks like I'm going to be left with one nasty scar. The burn from the air bad was deep. When it's a little more healed I'll start putting something on it to reduce scarring, I'm not sure what that will be yet. The darn thing got infected and was so painful I couldn't even walk with my arm hanging down, I'd have to hold it up by my heart. It had pus coming out of it. Oh, so gross. And I've been keeping it really clean of course. I think it's the chemicals they put inside the air bag that caused the infection. Anyway, the infection seems to be in check and like I said, it's healing.

My left breast got the worst bruising of all. On top and underneath...poor baby. Those bruises are still quite visible.

Now, one week and one day after the accident my neck feels worst than it has. Yesterday it really starting hurting more and it kept me awake last night. Turning it to either side is quite painful. I don't even want to say the W word but I think that's what's going on. Dammit. I have an appointment with a chiropractor and for a massage on Monday. I need to deal with this...take care of the damage before it embeds itself deep in my tissues. Ouch.

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Greenwoman said...

Ouch! Poor thing. I hope you feel better soon. ((hugs)) I'm sure your massage will help a whole lot for the muscle pain.

I really like the cranial sacral therapy I get from my osteopath better than the chiro I used to go to. Its more thorough and the outcome is just always better. It always takes dozens of appts for me with a chiro, while the DO gets it in one or two. That's not true for everyone, I know...I am glad you have some one you can trust to help you with your poor sore neck. I sure hope you'll feel better on Tuesday!

By the way, if you go the heath food store and get some aloe vera gel, you can put that right on the wound now and it will help with the infection, speed the healing process and reduce scaring...and you can speed healing and reduce scaring by taking folic acid, vitamin e and selenium. Your body has to have all that if its to heal.

((hugs)) Hang in there!!