Sunday, June 15, 2008


Happy Father's Day
Mutlu Baablar Günü
Día de padres feliz
Счастливый день отцов
Dia de pais feliz
Giorno di padri felice
Gl¨¹cklicher Vatertag
Jour de p¨¨res heureux
De gelukkige Dag van Vaders
father, papa, pappa, dad, daddy, pita, baablar, baba, patre, padre, fader, vader, pai, babu, otousan, chichi, bapa, babbo, athair, kohake, chao, far, pate, tata, peder, bab, tama, ta-ta, patri, vatter, kaka, pop, poppa, tad, po...

This morning I made Jerry coffee and pancakes with fresh blueberries on top.

My arm hurt really bad all day. I didn't realize how deep the "burn" from the air bag really was but when the first layer of skin peeled off it exposed a pretty deep slice taken out of my arm. Ouch.

Later in the day we attended the Father's Day Spring Fling which was a benefit for children in Belize. Jerry played with three different bands there.

As if the Humboldt fire wasn't bad enough (this evening it is 80% contained with 23,000. plus acres burned and 70 plus homes destroyed) there was another fire on, and next to, the land that several of my friends own and where the Spring Fling was held. Here, 20 acres and lots of trees were lost, fortunately no buildings. This is a picture of my friend fighting the fire with his garden hose.

Love and blessing to my beautiful sweet sister who just lost her daughter this last week. She dedicated her everything to caring for her in her last days, weeks, months and months...

My love to all the beautiful dads I know:
Jerry-Anthony-Nimai-Jaya-Robert-Rick-David-Mike-Johnnie-Miguel-Gilberto- name just a few.

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