Friday, June 13, 2008

Fire and Arm Update

What they are calling the Humboldt fire, has now burned 20,500 acres, 20-40 homes, and is still only 10% contained. There are evacuation centers all over Chico to hold the families. The wind has died down so they are hoping to get it under more control today.

Jerry's band, Spark-n-Cinder was supposed to play in the city plaza tonight for the Friday Night Concert In The Park, but it's been canceled due to poor air quality. Maybe they decided there was too much spark and cinder already.

Here's how my left arm looks today. Ouch. Poor baby. But not bad compared to how my poor car looks and the potential damage a flying ladder could impart.


Greenwoman said...

Oh dear! I hope you heal quickly...((hugs))

Adrienne Parker said...

Me too!