Sunday, June 1, 2008

HBO and Sex and the City

Jerry likes me to make him breakfast on Sunday mornings. I don't always but this morning I made him French toast and coffee and I even ended up eating half a slice myself (unlike him, I'm not a big fan French toast, pancakes or waffles.) I spent some time cleaning up around the house and then we took some odds and ends to storage and I got the idea to go to see a Sunday matinee. We never made it to see Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones so today we tried for the second time, to get into the new Sex and the City movie and today they weren't sold out. Well, I was pleasantly surprised by its effect on me, dumbfounded in fact. Jerry and I watched Sex and the City when it was a t.v. series...

Well here's a story behind our television watching. I was never big on television when I was raising my kids. Not always, but we usually we had a t.v. with a VCR that we mostly used to watch an occasional rented movie. I had never had cable since I had left home at the age of sixteen and when Jerry and I got together in 1993 we continued that tradition. Somewhere around 2000, I had a student in one of my psychology classes that started telling me about Dr. Melvi and The Sopranos and he insisted that this was a series that I needed to watch. One day he brought me videos of the whole first season that he had recorded. Jerry and I started watching them one weekend and couldn't stop. We did a total marathon of the first season, only taking breaks for eatings and peeing (only a slight exaggeration.) The second season was getting ready to start and we decided that we needed a big screen t.v. along with HBO to continue our newfound addiction properly. So seven plus years into our relationship, we headed to Best Buy and took the fall. The next step was to have a satellite installed on the roof of the house and we've been falling ever since. Actually I offer no explanations. I make no amends. I love HBO. Here is a listing of our most favorite shows so far:
Big Love
Curb Your Enthusiasm
L Word
Queer is Folk
Six Feet Under
Sex and the City
So back to the Sex and the City movie. We watched the Sex and the City series and I enjoyed it alright but I never found it all that compelling. I mean, they seemed so sexually straight and so traditional in their ideas about relationship--pretty much my version of middle class America. Whatever, I enjoyed the characters and their relationships with each other and so I watched the show. I was interested enough in seeing the movie but I had no idea I would be much affected by it in any emotional way. I was wrong. I literally cried through the whole thing. I swear, I was so touched, over and over again. I'm not sure why. Maybe it was just a well enough written chick flick. Maybe I had a deeper emotional attachment to the characters than I realized (or remembered.) Anyway, I liked it a lot and it was good to see Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte again.

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