Wednesday, June 11, 2008

More Jenny Block

Josie Schoel from Sadie Magazine does a great interview, Opening Up the Conversation with Jenny Block. I really resonate with this statement below--
...because I think that visibility is imperative if any of these things are ever
to be accepted as reasonable, normal ways of being.
It totally speaks to my passion and what I've been doing in my personal and professional life--making myself visible.

At the same time, in another interview with a publication called Quick, Jenny explains that's she does not see herself as a grand social changer, who advocates that open marriage is for everyone. She says that the only thing she advocates is honesty.

You go girl. You are a refreshing breath of air and I haven't even read your book yet.

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Jenny B said...


Thank you again! I really appreciate your support and I look forward to your review.

Jenny Block