Tuesday, June 17, 2008

George Harrison GOVINDA JAYA JAYA [Prabhupada]

Today is my eldest daughter's 32nd birthday... Thinking about her first birthday and a little party we had for her in Bidwell Park. I made her a paper birthday crown, gardenia garland and homemade nut ice cream.

One day, while still in my womb, this album was playing while we were discussing possible names for her. My friend Debi said, how about Govinda Jaya?! Her father and I both knew immediately and agreed, Yes!

She was a bicentennial baby--born June 17th, 1976 at home in my bed with only her father and 4 year old brother present--well, I was there too of course!

Her first word was Prabhupada, I swear to God!

Happy Birthday Govinda Jaya devi dasi. I love you and hope you have a beautiful day.

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Greenwoman said...

Happy Mother's day. *smiles* I always think of my children's birthday's as the real mother's day. *winks*