Tuesday, November 11, 2008

She is Me

I was cleaning house this morning when I ran across a little miniature deck of tarot cards. I drew one and received The Queen of Swords. She has totally been up for me the last couple of days so it's no wonder. See post below. And believe me, that's just a smidgen of what's going on for me.

The Queen of Swords is all about my ability to clearly perceive and intuit what actually is, regardless of appearances. This is a blessing of course but it can also be a curse when I'm not trusting myself fully, especially when I'm dealing with others who may be less than upfront with communicating the truth. I'm usually pretty accomplished in getting to the heart of a situation, seeing it for what it truly is, rather than seeing the cloaked reality that another might hope for me to see.

My inner Queen of Swords is intelligent with a very dry sense of humor. She offers me a very keen insight of self and others which serves to make me a good therapist. I am a good therapist too, although I would be better if I trusted myself more. This grows stronger the longer I'm around and see myself in action.

The Queen of Swords is showing up for me particularly right now because I need to do some slicing. I am the sword itself so to speak and I'm needing to slice through some confusion and sadness to creative some clarity and connection. I notice some bitterness and sharp cynicism attached to this confusion and sadness so I realize how imperative it is for me to keep my heart open at this time. I need to do some cutting and make myself felt. I need to stay centered in love.

The Queen of Swords is very powerful and She is Me.

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