Friday, November 28, 2008

A Drink For My Baby

Black Friday. I was going to say that I've never been out shopping on Black Friday before in my life but then I remembered last year. Jerry and I were actually at Mall of the Americas, (one of the largest in the world, definitely the largest in the U.S.) in Minneapolis last year on this day. We were traveling home from our Thanksgiving in New Jersey and our flight was canceled. Then we ended up in Minnesota with a long lay over and many hours to deal with so we jumped on the train that's connected to the airport and drops you off right smack dab in the front of the mall. Now that was a pretty amazing experience. Very strange indeed.

We jumped out of bed early--no, not 5:00am as one of my daughters did but at 9:30 or so and headed to Starbucks and Best Buy in hopes of picking up a cheap computer for Jerry. Fortunately we found one for $350., not a bad deal at all.

We came home and I found my son's girlfriend in my kitchen washing the rest of the dirty dishes from last night that I was not wanting to think about. We all eat leftovers and then I spent the rest of my day sewing curtains for the windows in the house my daughter has just moved into.

Jerry is at the bar setting up for tonight. I love the after holiday gigs when most of the college kids are out of town and all the local folks come out.

Jerry rarely drinks but he enjoys mojitos and I've been threatening to learn to make them for him for awhile now and today I picked up the ingredients and he'll be home to share a drink with me before we head back over to the bar for a night of music, dancing, and merry making with our friends.

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