Friday, November 14, 2008

David Best

David Best was on Chico State Campus yesterday. One of the art professors had brought him in to speak to one of his classes and then he spoke in Aryes Hall last night. Jerry and I went and it was a real thrill to hear him speak and see some of his slides.

David is a well known artist from San Francisco. My friend Pema has seen a couple of his art cars at the de Rosa Preserve Art Gallery in Napa. He has build these incredible temples in: Chicago, Temple of The American Dream; San Rafael, Temple of the Workingman; Ireland, Temple of Truth; etc., as well as 6 different ones at Burningman.
Temple of the Mind 2000
Temple of Tears 01
Temple of Joy 02
Temple of Honor 03
Temple of Stars 04
Temple of Forgiveness 07
(Check out the art car he drove to Burningman 07 at the end of the YouTube video posted below.)

A few David Best quotes from last night:

A ball of shit on the table is better than a ball of shit in you heart. This is art.

Nobody here can replace anybody that's here.

It's all about collaboration, you can't force people to do it your way. If you want someone to make a straight line for you, as you perceive a straight line, you have to pay them.

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