Wednesday, November 12, 2008

An Illiterate Stalker

I had anxiety dreams last night and I woke up feeling really agitated. Yesterday was a surprise vacation day as I hadn't realized that it was Veteran's Day and that I didn't need to go into work at the college. I discovered my opportunity late in the day on Monday so I hadn't scheduled clients or any other appointments that I normally would have, had I known. I love those days that I get paid for staying home and sleeping in. My plan was to stay home and clean house (I'm decluttering again) most of the day and then head out and visit my mom and another friend I haven't hung out with in awhile.

Well, my morning went as planned but my cell phone's display disappeared so I headed over to the Sprint store to see if they could fix it. Sucess! I then headed over to visit with my mother at her assisted care home and she really enjoyed the big slice of Key Lime Pie I took to her. Also, she was happy and we had a wonderful visit besides the fact that she thought I was her sister most of the time (which really doesn't bother me and didn't impinge on our visit at all.) But it comforted my heart to see her doing so well. I've recently agreed, begrudgingly, to allow those in charge of her care to increase her antipsychotic meds so maybe, just maybe, the little cocktails they are mixing up for her will work better. I'm am leery of placing my hope in that direction but it sure looked that way yesterday. Let's say I'm being an open-minded skeptic about it all. I don't trust pharmaceutical drugs in most situations much but I'm certainly willing to have them do their job. Especially if they improve the quality of the last years of my mother's life. So we shall we.

As for the cell phone, by the time I was done visiting with my mother it was not working again so I went back to the Sprint store to buy a new phone. That ordeal ended up taking the rest of the afternoon and part of the evening. It was a crazy situation all around but in the end, I had a new BlackBerry. I don't know how that happened. It just did. I've never even thought twice about having a BlackBerry. I figured I'd get myself an iPhone at some point once the service was no longer restricted to AT&T. They look like a lot of fun and I'm a big Apple fan so I just figured that's the direction I would eventually move in. But no, I am now the, not so proud owner of an almost $600.00 BlackBerry. I did not pay the full price for this smart alec phone. My son is on my plan and out of our 3 family lines he is the one who was eligible for a huge discount on that particular phone, so part of the hassle of the day was picking him up and bringing him back to the Sprint store with me so they could activate and then change lines and then deactivate, and reactivate them all again. Some crazy ass thing they had to do to make it all work so that in the end I paid $200. for the phone. I had to increase the cost of my phone service also, as I didn't have Internet access before but whatever, now I have a phone that is smarter than I am and I can barely figure out how to make a phone call with the darn thing.

And I swear, the first thing that came to my mind when I first held my new BlackBerry in my hand was, "Oh look, I'm copying Mistress Matisse. Yes, Matisse has a BlackBerry and she blogged all about it when she was contemplating which smart phone she should purchase and now she's always downloading pictures and making Twitter updates to her blog from her BlackBerry and I'm sure I'll be doing the exact same thing soon. I'm kinda embarrassed really. And I also just set up a Twitter Account. Well, actually I've had a Twitter Account that I was unaware of. It just so happened that Gillette, one of my most favorite bloggers in the whole blogosphere started Twittering and then I got this notice that Jenny Block was following my
twitters. Excuse me, I don't twitter, I said to myself in a rather snobbish, uppity tone. And even though I find myself always reading Matisses's Twitter updates when I'm reading her blog, I've held some disdain for the whole activity. It strikes me as vain and odd and, oh I don't know, somehow presumptuously egregious. But I followed a link to the Twitter site and found myself trying to sign up for an account but my handle, intendit, was already taken. Wait a minute, I thought, that name belongs to moi, who took it?! Then I thought, I wonder if I did? So I typed in the password I figured I would have used and, well yes, as a matter of fact, it was me. OK, so I'm twittering now too. And, like Matisse, I can even twitter from my new BlackBerry if I ever figure out how to use the darn thing.

So back to my anxiety dreams. I actually was dreaming about Matisse and my BlackBerry. In my dream I had emailed her from my BlackBerry and although I thought my 2 emails to her were very witty and creative, showing off my intelligence and charm, well she didn't take them that way. She took me as more of a stalker personality. And if you read the Mistress, you'll know that when she in one of her moods, she has a penchant for belittling the most ridiculous and ignorant of those who contact her via email with the silly things they say. She also does this with the off the wall phone calls she gets. Well this is what she chose to do with my emails to her, she published them on her blog along with her snarky comments full of contempt for me. Not only that, she didn't keep my name confidential so there I was, exposed to the world as the illiterate stalker of Mistress Matisse. The illiterate part comes in obviously because I think Matisse writes very well and she has a real issue when people butcher the English language, which I fear I have a tendency to do at times. I don't consider myself a great writer by any stretch of the imagination (although I know I get by and the more I write the better I get) and one of my great weaknesses is that I just don't really have a very good handle on all the rules. One of my goals is to take more English classes and learn some of the very basic stuff that I somehow missed out on. Anyway, she was also making fun of my skills as a writer. Come on Mistress, give a girl a break, I'm not even your submissive.

Remember people, this is a dream. But this was the anxiety that I was dealing with when I woke up this morning. Isn't that funny and strange?!

A friend got Jerry and me tickets to go see Ozomatli with her tonight. They are a great band and it's just down the street from our house so we can walk there after Thai food. I'm stoked!

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Greenwoman said...

Goofy dreams you have....*grins* I've had some doozies myself. Once had a dream about Madonna. LOL!