Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Intense Urge To Be Penetrated

Greenwoman was recently blogging about the need to be penetrated in a great post call Glass Wearing Day. It got me reeling. I mean come on. Ultimately, what else is there in life but to be penetrated? Well, also to penetrate I suppose. The yin and the yang forces of penetration. Sexually; intellectually; emotionally; psychologically; artistically. Penetrate me please. And allow me to penetrate you. Is there anything more intimate than penetration? Opening oneself to be penetrated takes trust. The ability to surrender. To let go and allow someone, or something inside. It takes the audacity to fully receive.

Penetration takes me out of myself as I join up, merge, become one with, whatever it is that is piercing me--body, soul, mind, intellect, heart... I like the feeling of losing myself, or losing the artificial boundaries that constrict and hinder my definition of who and what I am. I like becoming one with something alien to me. It's a curious process that brings me closer to the truth of myself as it forces me to let go and expand out of what I just was experiencing myself to be a moment earlier. Allowing myself to be penetrated opens me and makes me vulnerable. It creates more space that perpetuates this yearning to be filled.

And then there is the yearning to penetrate...

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Greenwoman said...

*smiles* Its good when I hear others truly understand what I mean by this...and if I could bring any message into the world its how important it is to live being fully seen and touched in the deep places each of us exists. ((hugs))