Monday, November 10, 2008

A Master of My Own Psychology

Me and my husband's horoscopes from Eric Francis for this week because I think they profoundly address the current issues we are facing in the evolution of our relationships. If you are interested, you can find your horoscope at the bottom of the article I linked to, The Branching of the Road, in the post below.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)
People are slippery and they are mostly informed by their pain and their fear of loss. I marvel every day that people trust one another as much as they do, but I reckon this is because they need to more than they want to. You are in the process of developing something that is ambitious, risky and worthwhile. To do it effectively, you need to become a master of psychology: your own, that of a key individual, and that of a group. You need to do this all at once, and it won't be easy -- but you do have the mastery to work through this at a significant profit. I mean this in the individual sense and the group sense; you will neither gain nor lose alone. So you may as well gain, and get everyone around you on that page -- even if one or two are having issues at the moment.

Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 23)
I've commented before that the current phase of your life may be arriving with a strange sense of isolation. It is not the sign of things to come -- please trust that. Yet what you are experiencing now is an entirely necessary phase of your journey wherein you face something essential to the privilege of living in a body with an ego. That is the perspective that to be an individual, there is a necessary moment of renunciation of companionship; indeed, there may be many of them. There is the truth that no matter now deep we may go with someone else, our own experience is unique and cannot, in truth, be shared. Most people run from this dimension of existence. It's actually easier to dive into the core, taking with you a breath of the knowledge that the closer you are to yourself, the closer you can be to others.

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