Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Huge Weight Was Lifted

I received this email today from a friend of mine who lives up in Portland and it really made me smile:
Our neighborhood group had an election night party and we watched the results come in. When Obama won, we went nuts. People were crying and yelling and applauding. Just like the whole world. There were probably a billion people celebrating at that moment. It was a once in a lifetime, historical moment. Wow. It's now the next day, and we are still glowing. My neighbor was telling me how a huge weight on her shoulders was lifted. We've been carrying Bush's madness in our nerve system and it's a great relief to let some of that go.
We all know that it's an uphill battle to get this country sane again, but, as Obama says, we now have an opportunity like no other time. I hope it goes right. I'll try to do my part.
Did you see Jesse Jackson's face? That said it all.
Life is beautiful here too. We are so blessed.

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