Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Juicy Women

I love my Juicy Women. Randi finished her sexual history last night and it was an awesome finish. She is such a sweet thang that just oozes sexual energy. She's constantly struggling with her lover, splitting up and getting back together, making passionate love and fighting. She is traveling for a month without him so it will be interesting to see how her story unfolds upon her return and the time they spend apart.

Lena is struggling too, fresh out of a live-in love affair and missing the sex and the companionship. She's feeling nervous and overwhelmed with the prospect of being a single woman on her own, living alone for the winter. We encouraged her to take up the offer of a couple of her long distance relationship lovers to go and visit them after Thanksgiving.

Ana is awesome. Alone, in her power, really juicy and wanting a lover but living the fullness of her life with an abundance of friends and well being.

Molly is appreciating her husband and his willingness to evolve, appreciating all of the beautiful women, a diverse group of good friends who enrich her life.

Pema is taking her life one day at at time, watching it unfold, watching her responses, sitting right smack dab in the middle of her relationships with her lover, her children, and herself. She seems so surrendered to whatever is, that is about to unfold. Open to the possibilities.

Rosemary is aware and grateful for the richness of her life. She struggles with emotions and staying balanced with all that is. She is comitted to creating loving relationships based on freedom--whatever that means.

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Greenwoman said...

What a blessing this group is in your life. I'm very happy you have these women. Blessings!!