Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Thank You Wally

I met with the Omsbudman today and ranted about the care home I just moved my mom out of. He was kind enough to meet me at my office when I a had break between clients. That was so nice of him. And he was very patient and intent on listening to my story, quiet and receiving yet offering a few comments here and there that left me feeling validated and understood. Thank you Wally, I really just needed to vent. Also, I wanted my experience to go on record in case this place has a pattern of neglectful, unprofessional, and inappropriate behavior and treatment of their residents. I hate the idea of them getting away with what they are up to, with their seemingly smug self-righteousness. Afterwards I went and visited my mother who immediately settled into her new care home and is so comfortable and happy there. Thank God. I'm feeling really pleased about that. They are giving her her pomegranate juice twice a day along with the other medications she takes and she was wearing some special hose for her edema that the RN/director of the place picked up for her. I fixed her hair and fed her chocolate and when I left she was sitting contented in her chair plucking her chin whiskers. I feel so fucking relieved.

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Greenwoman said...

Oh dear, I am so relieved for you too. I was kinda concerned for you about this. I am so glad that she's happy now and I sure hope that something is done about the other facility. ((hugs))