Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Ready For Some Downtime

Oh god, oh god, I've been to hell and back. No, I'm still there. But I'm in heaven too. What a weird conglomeration of the stuff of life.

I have a head cold. A fucking summer head cold and I'm miserable. I'm full of snot and my throat hurts. I have a sneezing fit about every half hour. There is ash flying all over outside and the temperature got to 104 today. Yesterday was 110 and 114 out on the blacktop where Jerry works. My house does not have air conditioning so let's just say our home is not a haven from the heat.

My brother drove up from Rocklin today and we moved our mother into a new care home. That was pretty much smooth sailing all around and I'm feeling good about her being there in her new digs and I think she will get the care that she deserves.

On the other hand I am pissed and feeling rather indignant regarding the treatment both she and I received from the care home I just moved her from. I tried talking to the director today with the intention of communicating, connecting, clearing and creating closure. Oh my God, that did so not happen. I called the Omsbudman and hope to have a meeting with him tomorrow.

I had no time today for dealing with the insurance companies, attorney, DMV, etc., etc., etc.

Jerry and I spent a good portion of last Thursday at the local Honda dealership buying a new Accord. We got the EX-L (leather) with sun roof and heated seats. I decided to indulge myself in the car I really wanted after being through (well, really I'm not through but still in the middle of) the hell I've experienced with the accident.

It's almost 9:00 p.m. and I'm ready for some downtime with my husband and an icy cold drink.

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