Thursday, July 24, 2008

Let Me Entertain You

Last night a friend told me that he was ready for me to move on in my blog writing. He was getting bored with my subject matter. Excuse me, I said, do you think I write for your entertainment? Well, I read your blog to be entertained he said. It's getting old, you've lingered here too long. Although he did acknowledge me for taking credit for being my own ego buster. He liked that part. And although I write for my own pleasure I also intend to offer something of value to others and it pleases me to know if you are being entertained.

I contemplated what he said and agreed. I've made myself a bit nauseous with all my whining about being done wrong. I mean, I have been rather obsessed with all this and it seems kinda silly right now. Actually, it seems rather pathetic and I hate being pathetic. But a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do to get over herself ya know.

I'm having the first of ten sessions of Myofascial release this week. I hear it's incredibly painful but I'm ready. My chiropractor gave me a referral to deal with the injuries from my accident.

The fires around here are 90% contained. The skies had cleared up a lot but it's been really smokey again the last few days. Not much wind.

My mom is settled into her new assisted care home and things are better but not great. The care home is fine, but she isn't. She's OK. I don't think my mom is going to be a very happy camper for her remaining days/years on this planet. That makes me sad.

We leave for Burning man in a little over 4 weeks. I just discovered that Burning man falls on the first week of school this year rather than the second. That's not so good. The first week of school is pretty significant in dealing with student emergencies and all that. Oops.

I have a dinner date tonight with a group of women, most of whom I don't get together with very often. A friend from Brazil is in town so she pulled it together. We're going to the raw food restaurant Nature's Own, downtown. Several of the women are interested in starting blogs so a couple of us are going to help get them going with that.

I bought a plane ticket from LAX to Sacramento last night. A friend is coming from Santa Barbara in a week and after her visit I'm going to drive home with her to stay for a few days so the ticket is for my flight home. I'm looking forward to being at the ocean. My friend is a dog walker so this is a picture of what we'll be up to in the mornings

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