Thursday, July 17, 2008

His Gentle Presence

The Manhattans-Shining Star

I had a couple of drinks before my husband met me downtown. He had been out on a date and I had been seeing clients. His gentle presence has the tendency to stir up big emotions in me when I have something going on underneath that wants to surface. The lubrication of alcohol doesn't hurt either. I started sobbing about the pain I was experiencing related to another man. It's not every girl that can do that you know--cry to her husband about her misgivings and confusion over another love relationship. He is my gentle supporter, my heart friend, my anam cara, the one who is always on my team. With my two best friends gone--physically a long distance away, I don't know what I'd do without him right now. I depend on him for a lot and love him dearly.


buddhapest said...

Just a bright shining star forever in your brilliant Galaxy. All my love.

Adrienne Parker said...

Yep baby. All mine too.

Gillette said... you two. Just do.

Adrienne Parker said...

And we love you too. Yep.