Sunday, July 13, 2008

Mellow Weekend

I finally started sewing the covers for the RV cushions today and the first one looks great. The fabric is so awesome. Ren brought me her sewing machine the end of June but my life has been so hectic with everything lately this is truly the first chance I've gotten to start sewing. It's a lot cooler today and much of the smoke has cleared. It's been a nice weekend.

After my last client on Friday evening, Jerry and I wanted some mindless entertainment so after going out to dinner we went and saw Wanted with James McAvoy, Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman. It was a fairly fun and silly movie loosely based on the comic book miniseries of the same name, with the ridiculous story line of a loom of fate which fingers people through a code that's woven into the fabric, for a brotherhood of assassins to kill.

On Saturday morning we did our usual Saturday morning farmer's market with coffee and socializing and afterwards I took my mother out for Slice of Chico where they serve watermelon and all the downtown shops move their special sale merchandise out onto the sidewalks. We perused downtown and then she took me out for my birthday lunch at the raw food restaurant. We delighted our taste buds and filled our bellies on Thai Mango Wraps, Enchiladas, Key Lime Pie and Chocolate Ganache with Coconut Cream. I bought myself a new purse which was expensive but on sale with the justification of keeping myself better organized and more sane. The one I've been using is no more than a deep dark hole which I end up dumping out at least once or twice a day to find what's lost inside. The new one is a natural organizer with all sorts of different compartments and it opens up wide so I can actually see inside, all the way to the bottom. Later in the day my friend K. came by and we went out and enjoyed a margarita together and gabbed for awhile. I like his stories and his sweet brown eyes. He and his wife have been going through the ringer with their insurance company to pay for a certain necessary procedure and they've finally won the battle. I told him that he should now send them a bill for all the time he's spent haggling with them to get them to pay for what they should have done willingly to begin with. A good portion of the pain and suffering I've gone through after my automobile accident in June has to do with all the work it's taken me to get the insurance companies to do their jobs. It's been incredibly stressful and I'm not nearly done yet either. Jerry made me a nice dinner after I got home from my cocktail with K. and we had a relaxing evening together.

Today has been mellow with a little reading, a little sewing, and a little blogging. I'm going back to the sewing now. I'm excited to get the cushion covers and curtains sewn and to finish fixing up the RV. Burningman is right around the corner.


Bx said...

The story of your purse made me laugh. I am just finally reading a book of poems that my friend, Patricia, wrote entitled "Bags" and it is a book of poems she wrote about purses! She's the same friend that wrote "End Cycle" and I just love her stuff. Perfect timing since I am on my third bag (returned two in a row to the store)trying to replace a purse I've been in love with and used non-stop for 4 years.

So next time I see you, I'll have to share "Bags" with you.

So glad K has a friend like you. Glad to hear things are getting better with the heat, your mom, etc., and as always, thanks for the blog--I enjoy it!

Adrienne Parker said...

Hey r, I wish for you, the perfect purse. I'm so happy with my new one. Also, I've been enjoying End Cycle and would love to read Bags to. I haven't been able to jump into Jesus...yet as I got sidetracked here and there and now I'm reading Living Enlightenment--a call for evolution beyond ego by Andrew Cohen. Hey, I think I'll blog about it. K is a sweetheart as you well know. You are two lucky girls, as is he. And I hope to spend some more time with you soon too. I hope your little one is doing well.