Thursday, July 17, 2008

Big Sex Karma

Leda and the Swan by Michelangelo

I'm contemplating sexuality and how much fear, shame, and emotional pain seem to be attached to it for so many.

Issues of incest, pedophilia, child sexual abuse, bestiality or zoophilia, BDSM, prostitution or the modern day courtesan, and pornography just to name a few.

I wonder about the seemingly universal taboos of sex and where these rules and boundaries all came from originally. The different values, perspectives, and practices of people from different times and cultures related to sexual issues is intriguing. There are so many influences that got us where we are today with our attitudes and understandings (or misunderstandings) about what makes a sexual behavior acceptable or not. What makes someone's kink an allowable personal fetish and what makes it pathologically wrong? Is it the behavior itself, or is it the intention behind it?

Does a young child become highly sexualized because her society or a specific adult in her life is sexually inappropriate with her or might she sometimes simply enter this world with big sex karma, already highly sexualized and attract certain interactions into her life?

Why are we so freaked out and uptight about sex?


Gillette said...

I've often wondered about the nature vs. nurture aspect of molestation.

Adrienne Parker said...

Yea, me too. Some people think this is a total "blame the victim" mindset but I think there is definitely something to it. I'm not talking about right and wrong or letting some perpetrator off the hook for his/her actions. I'm just saying...and wondering. I have my own personal experiences and those of friends and clients that make me give this thought. And I've known/know young children who have been raised in the most loving and protective of homes where it's a far stretch to imagine that they have been sexually molested and yet they are "over the top" sexualized at any extremely young age. I hate the way that sexuality as it pertains to young children has been so pathologized in our society.