Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Kingdom Come with a Sprinkle of Miracles Please

Well it's been one helluva three weeks. I'm fairly exhausted and as soon as I'm done posting on this blog I've got get up and get going with my day. My sweetheart just left for work and we had some early morning fun together before he did. That was nice and I needed the connection. My eldest grand baby is out sleeping in my parlor. She's been with me since Saturday night which is when she and her mommy came over for my birthday party. Close to twenty women and three men came to play with me and what a lovely mixture they were. I really enjoyed myself and finally got to bed around 2:30. On Sunday morning six of us shared brunch and I made an exceptional quiche, my first. Later, my son and his girlfriend showed up for a little visit before we all headed off for a voice and piano recital and reception. Our friend's daughter just graduated high school and is heading off to NYU after a two week vacation in Mexico. She is a talented young woman and I'm looking forward to seeing her on Broadway. What a life we live!

Yesterday I ran around all day trying to take care of various things including finding an assisted care home for my mom--yes, after only one month I have to move her and please, don't get me started. You'll probably hear more on this later.

I also had an appointment with an attorney as I needed a little advice about how to proceed with the insurance companies regarding my car accident. I'll see what offers I get today and then decide whether it's in my best interest to turn my case over to him or not. For one thing, my car has been totaled and we now need to get on the ball and buy a new one. Not to mention the expenses of the rental car, chiropractor, massages, etc...as well as the hassle of it all...they call it pain and suffering and now I have to attach a monetary amount to that.

The motor home we bought is still at the mechanic. We were suppose to pick it up yesterday so we can head off on our maiden voyage but I didn't have one moment extra to deal with that. After I saw clients in the evening I realized all the chores I had neglected but I opted to take my granddaughter out for a gelato and then back home to watch Weeds at 10:00 and call it a day.

Tonight we have Dyad Communication at my house so I need to spend some time cleaning before running all over Kingdom Come again.

I have some intense emotional stuff going on right now and I'm praying for a couple/few miracles. Please God...

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Greenwoman said...

((hugs)) I hope your prayers are answered. *smiles*