Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Three Poems

I've been sorting through old papers and just ran across three poems from twelve years ago...

This first poem was written to me by the first woman I every fell in love with on August 3, 1999.  It was a fast and furious affair but she was a lesbian and broke off with me because I was a man.  One day shortly thereafter, we ran into each other, she with a group of friends, and me alone--this poem arrived in my email the next day:

bee one bee two

I have been known to break my own rules
I thought as I watched them
watch her
walking up to the counter
secretly I feel a sadness
emerge from my pockets
and out from my beenie it falls
over my eyelids
soft to the touch and unto my cheeks
certainly as it falls
it fills me with hope
still as I am...
my day burdened
by the honey
from her hands.

Three weeks later I saw her at a community function and wrote this one on August 30, 1999

I saw her on Sunday
in red hair and tee shirt tugging at her breasts
watching discreetly, I wanted her to see me
it was understood that we would offer no recognition
but her face...
indelibly etched in my mind the remainder of the day.

The third poem was about a dream I had about my eldest son, Brandyn...12/19/99

His letter to me was written in blue ink
between the advertisements for feel better drinks.
What he needs to heal--
an understanding community
a change of mind
lots of love and he'll be fine.


Pagan Topologist said...

Your last several posts have been profound/interesting/thought-provoking/emotionally intense, Adrienne. I have not been able to think of anything pithy to say about them, but I do not want you to feel ignored. So, This comment is just to acknowledge them. Thank you for this blog.

I AM ANOTHER said...

Pagan, I appreciate your acknowledgement and thank you my friend.