Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sleeping In Their Bed

Well, I must say that there is nothing like a good night's sleep without crazy dreams to give one an attitude adjustment!  I slept so well last night.  I often don't get up to pee but I usually have to at least sit up several times for a drink of water.  Last night I was crashed!

But now I'm reminded of a dream I had almost a week ago that should be written down:

My husband. and I were out at a party with a bunch of people including K. and his wife B.G.  It was very late and we (my husband and I) ended up back at K. and B.G.'s house.  They were going to be out of town for awhile and we had arranged to "housesit" for them.  We were actually heading home to our house but for some reason we were at their house and it was late and I was tired so I told my husband that we should just sleep there in their bed and go home in the morning.  He agreed so that's what we did.
In the morning I was trapped in a hypnopompic transition, both in my dream body, sleeping in K. and B.G.'s bed, as well as in my physical body, sleeping in my own bed.  I was agitated and confused, unsuccessfully trying to wake up while attempting to make sense of why I had decided to sleep in K. and B.G.'s bed.
What were we doing in their bed when they weren't leaving until that night, not the night before?  How could I have been so stupid and confused?  What was I thinking?  Where were K. and B.G. now?  Had they gone to our house to sleep because we were in their bed?  That concerned me because my house, and particularly my bedroom was a mess and I didn't want them to see it because I was afraid they would judge me. My mind was wreaking havoc with me, I was struggling and quite distressed. I finally woke up (in my dream) and went rushing through their house, naked, to find them.
I found them on a blow up air mattress in their family room.  B.G. was sitting up and looking at me somewhat strangely as if to ask why I had been sleeping in their bed.  I tried to explain how confused I had been, and still was, and then she explained how she had come home late, in the dark, took off her clothes and fell into the middle of her bed between me and my husband before realizing we were there.  K. and her were then trying to figure out what to do and she said they should go sleep on the air mattress.  He had asked her very pointedly if she was sure that was okay with her and she affirmed that it was.
I left them and their air mattress feeling extremely out of sorts, trying to make my way back to their bedroom, very aware of my nakedness and feeling vulnerable, with their house now full of various friends as if a party was going on.  When I got to their bed, I told my husband to get up so we could get out of there.  I was embarrassed, confused, and just wanted to go home.  I was extremely unnerved.

Emotions I experienced in this dream:


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