Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year 2009

Happy New Year!

We had a lovely brunch today with about 25 friends. A very full house with lots of yummy food and conversation. Everyone seems to be so full of love and hope for the new year. I know I am. After getting to bed after 3:30 a.m. two nights in a row, I pulled myself out of bed at about 9:00 a.m. this morning and started my day with coffee and Baileys. By 12:00 noon I had moved on to Bloody Marys and then by 2:00 I started in on the Mimosas. I sound like a lush.

Last night? The Spark-n-Cinder dance party was over the top fun. I worked the door from 7:30 to 8:30 and then I was free to play. Wow. It was just a fantastic night all around that I was fortunate to share with so many good friends.

These last few weeks I could literally feel myself being propelled into 2009 with an incredible force of momentum. My mojo is on and I be flyin! 2008 was both a great and a difficult year.

2008 Year In Review:

Jerry and I entered into the New Year with a lot of love and connection and a commitment to supporting one another in the ever evolving polyamorous lifestyle we are living.

I got really close with Lover Who Is Not My Lover. We spent a lot of intimate time together for the first half of the year and I was really happy to be experiencing the love of our deepening friendship.

I co-mastered my first Enlightenment Intensive with my dear friend Patrick. That was way good, and awesome, and cool. It was a lot of work too!

My mom's Alzheimer's advanced to the point where I had to move her out of her apartment and into an assisted care home. The first place we tried was a descent into hell and I moved her into a second one after only 6 weeks. That was an ordeal. She's in a nice place now where she is being well taken care of but her mental and physical deterioration has been difficult to watch. I'm very thankful for everyone who is involved with her care and is giving her love and attention at this point in her life.

The local fires were devastating to our whole community this summer. We all had to breath in lots and lots of smoke for a very long time and it was depressing both physically and psychologically. So many people (friends) loss their homes, land, trees, and precious possessions. That was a big blow and we were all in a state of shock around it for quite awhile. Some still are.

I was in a major automobile accident in June. My car was totaled and I was hurt...relatively speaking I wasn't hurt badly at all. I feel very fortunate. It's emotionally tough getting in an accident like that though. It's like having the rug pulled out from under you. It shook me up and was a major hassle in my life for awhile. I had so many sweet friends that contacted me in various ways and gave me lots of love, letting me know how much they care about and appreciate me and I am and how happy they were that I wasn't hurt worse.

My private practice really took off in 2008 and I got to work with some really sweet folks who opened up to me with their sexuality, communication and other relationship issues. I feel honored to share in their journeys.

Jerry and I bought a home on wheels for Burningman this year and it really helped us endure the physical challenges of that place. As the environment proves to be quite stressful there at times, it was a relief to have our own little space to help us deal with the awesome, inspiring, and life changing experience that Burningman always proves to be. It was our 3rd year going and we are definitely returning for more.

Lover Who Is Not My Lover broke all contact with me for the last 7 months of the year with no communication whatsoever as to what is going on. I spent a lot of time being sad and confused, feeling abandoned and missing him. I figure he's doing his best to take care of himself but I struggled to accept his choice gracefully. Disappearing from my life without a word hurt my feelings in a big way. Still, I love him and I know he loves me.

Lover Who Is My Lover came into my life and heart in a much more intimate way...we became lovers and that has been very special. He is a sweetheart and being with him makes me happy. I'm enjoying our deepening adventures and I feel blessed for his presence in my life.

I blogged a lot in 2008!

I made some wonderful new friends who I'm looking forward to spending more time with in 2009.

I continued to enjoy the flow of the stream I was already floating along in when we entered into 2008--my family and friends, my juicy women, my work at the college, my home, my spiritual work. I am grateful for so much.

We elected Barack Obama for president!!! Yes We Did!
Jerry and I went through a lot in our relationship! It has been mostly really, really wonderful. We've shed some tears, both happy and sad. We renewed our marriage vows and focused a lot on our commitment to freedom as the center core of our love and relationship. I think we took pretty good care of each other's hearts this year with only minor bruisings here and there. He is the love of my life and I adore him.

Bringing in for 2009:

Living intentionally. Existing in the moment. Accepting what is. Wanting what is. Loving what is. Barking less, wagging more. Writing more. Drinking more water. Breathing with more awareness. Acting with more awareness. Doing more yoga. Meditating more. Walking more. Dancing more. Loving more. Fucking more.

Here are some pictures of the guys making some hot music last night. The bottom two are of me and R.'s cleavage--just because.

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