Monday, January 5, 2009

The Sweetness Of Life

I slept for eleven and one half hours last night! I was exhausted and Ren's memory foam bed is so comfortable. I want one. I did have lots of strange dreams though. Now I'm sitting on the couch waiting to be served my coffee. I love it when my friends take care of me. It's so pleasing. It's nice taking care of them too and I had plenty of opportunity over the holidays to do just that. There has been a lot of loving going on...what else is there to ask for?

Besides waiting for my coffee and blogging, I'm looking out the window at the Santa Barbara mountains. It's a gorgeous day with blue skies and white clouds which remind me of Krsna and Balaram. The cat and dog are curled up on the couch with us and the Christmas tree is awesome. I always love my Christmas tree but Ren's tree makes mine look like Charlie Brown's.

After coffee and some yoga we are taking off to Oxnard to see our youngest daughter, her husband, and our 2 year old grandson for a few days. They bought a house by the ocean and I'm looking forward to playing on the beach with our little guy.

We'll be back in Santa Barbara on Wednesday and hopefully Pema will also be here by then. Ren and I have some serious canasta playing to do while I'm here as we were so busy over the holidays it just didn't happen for us. Pema doesn't play with us but she watches in trepidation. We are very nasty to each other as we vie for the the position of the Queen of Nasty.

I'm really happy to be in my life and my body right now. I am acutely aware of the potentiality of each moment. My heart is open and I'm experiencing so much love for my husband, my friends, my kids, and lover who is my lover. Life is sweet. Sometimes bittersweet, but always sweet.


Ray said...

Canasta is the only game I play!! And I love it. K plays too. We'll have to do that some time...

glad you are having such a great time. The pics are lovely.


Ray said...

oops. For some reason I am logged in as K. I sent the last post...