Friday, January 9, 2009

Here Is What Is

Being nasty last night with Ren.

1. Scarf finished, all but felted. Will be domestic and to that today.

2. Self portrait.

3. The Queen of Hearts reveals herself.

4. Born to be wild. Only a few swigs of scotch, plus...

5. That turned out to be a fun hand. I discarded the fives and received all I needed.

6. Another aspect of self.

7. I turned off the flash and got a better view of Kokopeli.

8. My sweatshirt laying in the chair.

9. I am She. The Queen of Nasty.

10/11. A couple of the albums we were listening to last night. Lucinda Williams newest one, Honey. (The song posted from You Tube below is from this album. It's called Plans To Marry and Daniel Lanois, here is what is.

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