Saturday, January 24, 2009

What A Week!

What a week! Monday night was the Carolyn Wonderland concert and celebrating my friend, B.'s birthday. Tuesday morning was Obama's Inauguration and then Chico's Inaugural Ball on Tuesday night. After watching the celebrations surrounding our new president being sworn into office, D. and I went for a 9 mile bike ride and then spent the rest of the afternoon shopping for various items, (bed sheets, mop, etc. for me--clothes, red dishes etc. for her) We did a repeat on Wednesday afternoon and then in the evening my friend Kathy who lives in the mountains came to visit and met me at my office after I was done with clients for the night. Then we went out for a salad and a couple glasses of wine while H. was home enjoying some time with his lover. On Thursday I did more running around, this time with Kathy and we also went to visit my mom, who it turned out, wasn't having a very good day.

Jerry surprised us with tickets to see Jonathan Richmond on Thursday night, at Duffy's, the Irish Pub just a couple of blocks from our house. If you don't know who Jonathon Richmond is, he's the musician who played in the tree in Something About Mary. He is quirky and odd and totally awesome. He's a very talented poet and performer and he's married to the bar owner's daughter so we are fortunate to have him play in Chico quite often. That was a lot of fun, especially because it was Kathy's first experience of him and she adored him.

Friday morning I was up early preparing for our trip to San Francisco this weekend and I had so much to pull together before our 2:00 departure time...ha! I had a dentist appointment at 10:30 to get my permanent crown put on and that went well but took an exceptionally long time. Then I had a client a 1:00 and when I finished with her at 2:00 I still had to go to the bank, pack clothes, wash dishes (I can't stand coming home from a trip to a dirty house) and gather all those little extras together. We finally left at 4:00...

I'm digging our room here at the Serrano Kimpton on Taylor St., very close to Union Square and even though the free Internet in our room is dsl, the cable is long enough to reach our bed! Yes, I am definitely laying in bed as I write this post. After checking into our room we didn't have much time before we needed to take off to the Sundance Theatre in Japan Town to see Milk. The Sundance is a Green theatre, with a restaurant that serves alcohol and a Peet's coffee. You also pick the seats you want when you purchase your tickets. Very upscale place.

We are actually here in San Francisco to celebrate Lover Who Is My Lover's birthday with his wife and some other friends. They will all be arriving tomorrow but Jerry and I decided to come a day early to see Milk since it isn't playing in Chico yet. The funny thing is that tickets for the two of us were almost 30. and when you add the price of our room and parking for the night, we just put out 200. to see a movie. Ouch! Well, it will be nice to sleep in and already be in the city in the morning. We both love San Francisco and always enjoy spending time here. It's the city of my birth and the first place Jerry came when he left New Jersey when he was 18 and moved out to California to start a band.

Milk was exceptionally well done. Sean Penn did an incredible job playing the gay Harvey Milk. And it was fun seeing him kiss his gay lovers in the film too! I remember when Milk, as a city of San Francisco Supervisor, along with San Francisco Mayor, George Moscome were both assassinated by the just resigned Supervisor, Dave White. And then came his incredible Twinkie Defense! So crazy. So sad. And he served only 5 years in prison for their murders. It's apropos that we watched the movie in San Francisco, the city where this all came down. What really annoys me is that all this struggle for gay rights under Milk's leadership happened in the 70's (Milk was assassinated in 1978--that's over 30 years ago--almost 40 years since Milk became a leader in the gay rights movement) and here we are after all this time and Proposition 8 just passed! There are so many people still full of so much fear and hatred. It sickens me and hurts my heart.

What warms my heart and inspires me is Milk's commitment to come out of the closet and put himself on the line to fight for what he believed in. He encouraged gays to come out to their family and friends, to their neighbors and at their jobs. He realized that it was the only way to normalize their lives and he refused to live in fear of other's judgements. Powerful stuff that speaks to me personally.

Tomorrow we get to play! Happy Birthday to My Lover Who Is My Lover!


Gillette said...

So glad you guys are having fun. Did you get the cool robes at the hotel? Love the Serrano.

Adrienne Parker said...

Yep, animal prints. I was a fun place and in the perfect location. Also stayed at the Vitale and really liked it there.