Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Day or Two in Santa Barbara

Yes, I slept in again yesterday morning but I had stayed up quite late reading so I didn't get in my full eleven and one half hours of sleep! After coffee we took the car in for an oil change and shopped for a potty seat for our grandson. He's more than ready to be out of diapers. Later in the day we headed back to Santa Barbara and went shopping at Lucky Brand store, my favorite place to buy clothes especially when they are having a big sale. I found the cutest sweatshirt for one of our new grand babies that was 75% off. Ren made us soup for dinner and then we were off to her knitting group. When we got home we played a little canasta and then after Jerry and I had an intimate rendezvous in the bedroom, I stayed up late reading again. Somehow, Ren and I haven't been able to seriously get our game on. We keep getting distracted.

This morning we were up early with the dogs for a long walk on the beach. It was very foggy. Jerry drove to Oxnard and brought our daughter and grandson back to Santa Barbara and we took them out to the organic farm where D. works. Now we are back home and I've been downloading pictures from the camera onto the computer--I have several hundred that I've taken in the last few days. Everyone is napping except me and Ren so it's very quiet and mellow here. I'm going to knit for awhile on a scarf I've been working on. It's hand painted wool and I can't wait to felt it.

Ren and I are due for some real nasty Canasta playing tonight.

1. My shadow while we wait for the oil change.
2. Fishes (Whooshes, as my grandson calls them) in my daughter's aquarium.
3. Monastery of Poor Clares in S.B.
4. Cool baby sweatshirt, camera bag, book I'm reading and scarf I'm knitting.
5. Our Nasty game.
6. Ceramic Kokopeli that I made my friend N., Ren's ex-husband that she stole from him when they got divorced.
7. More Nasty. I had to take a picture of the Queen of Hearts when she showed up. She's the queen of my heart and goddess mentor.
8. Ornaments on Ren's Christmas tree. I have her the dragonfly several years ago.
9. Ren and D. on the farm.
10. Greenhouse roof.
11. Jerry, rockin into nirvana on the farm.
12. Me, standing on organic farmland (notice how the pics of Jerry's upper and my lower blend together.) Cool huh?
13. More shadows.
14. Greenhouse plants.

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