Saturday, January 17, 2009

Dog Love

I must have really needed a good cry today. Jerry and I took 3 of our grand children to the movies and we saw Hotel For Dogs. Now just for the record, I am not a big dog fan. Don't get me wrong. I don't dislike dogs and I have many dog friends via my human friends who love dogs. But I don't have a dog myself and I have no desire for an intimate relationship with one. So who would think that I would be crying during Hotel For Dogs, a movie made for children? Not only did I cry, I sobbed. Well, I wasn't really sobbing as in making audible noises so people in the theatre were actually noticing me. But I was crying, and crying and crying. I had tears running down my cheeks throughout at least half of the movie. For goodness sakes girlfriend, I said to myself. What on earth is going on for you? This is ridiculous. Nevertheless. Like I said, I must have really needed a good cry.

It wasn't the doggie dilemma that got me going in the movie. It was the human connection thing. What we humans go through in relationship whilst attempting to keep our hearts open and love. My heart is so open right now. I've been battling my fear and choosing love. Love is what I am. I know this. The more I know this, the more love I attract into my life.

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libricans said...

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