Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Good Day

Sunday night and relaxing at home with Jerry feels so good. I got back into town around noon today from a lovely little out of town jaunt with Lover Who Is My Lover. He is vacationing out of town for a week and returning the same day Jerry and I leave for another week vacation so I was happy for the opportunity to spend some sweet time alone together.

I got back just in time to attend a lovely tea party with some of the women I love most in the world. Later in the afternoon 4 of our grand children came over to visit and I have never experienced them so mellow. That was a treat. Then, to top of the pleasantries of the day, my son just left for Reno with a friend to celebrate New Year's and as we are having 5 house guests here for New Year's I had asked him to clean his bedroom and bathroom before he left so I wouldn't be left with the job--and he actually did it! Not only that, he did it with a smile on his face and love in his heart. Wow.

Tomorrow afternoon we are having a birthday party here with 5 grandchildren and several adults for our grand daughter from Colorado who is turning 7 and then in the evening I have my Juicy Women's group. Tuesday brings us 3 friends from out of town and then 2 more on Wednesday. Wednesday, New Year's Eve, is also my mother's 86th birthday so I'll be doing some celebrating with her before heading out for the night to the big Spark-n-Cinder gig.

Thursday we are hosting a New Year's Day Brunch with friends and then next Sunday, Jerry and I will be leaving on our annual trip to southern California to visit our youngest daughter, her husband and our 2 year old grandson. On our way home we will stop for several visits with various family and friends. This last week was grand and wondrous and the next two weeks promise to be the same.

Check out Jerry's Spark-n-Cinder website for some cool pics and history of the band.

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Greenwoman said...

Your time together sounds so wonderful. Safe journeys! ((big hugs))